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Contested Divorces in Delhi is one in which the parties cannot agree on one or more of the divorce’s conditions, such as the division of assets, child custody, alimony, or other matters. The parties to a contentious divorce must settle their disagreements via a formal legal procedure, which may involve court proceedings, mediation, and talks.

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Both parties must present evidence and make their cases in court during a contentious divorce. A judge renders the ultimate judgment after carefully weighing all the arguments and evidence put forward by both sides.

It is usually advised to get legal guidance from a knowledgeable divorce attorney to help you navigate contested divorce, which can be a protracted, difficult, and stressful process.

Contested Divorce in Delhi

While divorce takes place on Earth, marriage is made in heaven. It is believed that divorce causes a rift between two families. When the husband and wife cannot cohabitate, the divorce is filed. Either pair may decide to end their relationship amicably or file for divorce in court. Mutual Consent Divorce is referred to as occurring when both spouses agree to end the marriage; otherwise, Contested Divorce is used. divorce that is mutual takes less time than divorce that is contested. While contested divorce can take up to three years, or even longer in exceptional cases, mutual divorce typically takes six to nine months. It is common for one of the spouses to apply for a contentious divorce against the other. Divorce by Mutual Consent in India
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Contested Divorces in Delhi

Contested divorces in Delhi, The same process applies to India, as it does in every other Indian city. A contentious divorce in Delhi requires the filing of a divorce petition, service of the summons, submission of written statements, collection of evidence, participation in mediation, and attendance at court proceedings.

The Family Courts in Delhi, which are specialist courts that deal with family-related issues including divorce, child custody, alimony, and property partition, hear disputed divorce cases. Depending on the intricacy of the case and the volume of cases the court is handling, the procedure might take a long time, and the time needed to settle the case can vary greatly.

It is significant to remember that a disputed divorce may be a drawn-out, costly, and emotionally taxing procedure. Why a Lawyer Should Be Consulted Before a Contested Divorce?
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Contested Divorce Cases in Delhi?

In Delhi, contested divorces can happen for a number of reasons, including:

  1. disagreements on how to divide property.
  2. Conflicts involving child custody.
  3. different perspectives on alimony.
  4. violence and brutality within the home.
  5. a spouse’s physical or mental disability.
  6. Infidelity or adultery.
  7. switching to a different religion.
  8. Financial issues and hidden assets.

In these situations, the court will hear arguments from each side and provide a decision based on the facts and the relevant legal standards. For all those involved, the procedure may be emotionally and physically taxing.  How Supreme Court Handle the Transfer Divorce Petition?
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Contested Divorce by Husband or Wife

In Delhi, a disputed divorce by the husband occurs when the husband begins a divorce case and the wife objects with one or more of the divorce conditions, such as property division, child custody, or alimony. A legal process is then used to resolve the matter in court.

In Delhi, the method for a disputed divorce by the husband is identical to that of any other contested divorce, and it entails filing a divorce petition, serving summons, filing written declarations, gathering evidence, engaging in mediation if necessary, and attending court sessions. A judge makes the ultimate decision based on the facts and arguments given by both sides. Similarly, the woman can file for divorce. Appointment of an Arbitrator
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Contested Divorce Time Period in Delhi?

You may be wondering how long a contentious divorce takes in Delhi. The duration of a disputed divorce in Delhi can vary greatly depending on numerous circumstances, including the complexity of the case, the workload of the court, and the availability of the parties and witnesses. A disputed divorce can take anywhere from six months to several years to conclude on average, with some instances lasting considerably longer. The amount of time can also be affected by whether the parties achieve an agreement through mediation or proceed to trial.

It should be noted that a disputed divorce may be a lengthy, emotionally demanding, and costly procedure. It is always advisable to obtain legal counsel from an experienced divorce attorney. Contested Divorce in Kolkata, Delhi, India
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Procedure for Contested Divorce in Delhi?

The following stages are commonly included in a disputed divorce in Delhi:

  1. The petitioner files a divorce petition in the competent court having jurisdiction over the subject.
  2. Service of summons: The court then sends a summons to the respondent, requiring him or her to appear in court and reply to the divorce petition.
  3. Filing of written statement: Both parties are required to file a written statement in court outlining their respective viewpoints and evidence.
  4. The exchange of documents and witness testimony that support each party’s case is known as discovery and evidence gathering.
    Mediation: Before moving to trial, the court may encourage the parties to participate in mediation in order to negotiate a resolution.
  5. If a settlement cannot be reached, the case goes to trial, when both parties present their facts and arguments in front of the court.
  6. Judgment: The judge then issues a decision that is final and binding on both parties. 

**Note: The duration of a contentious divorce in Delhi might vary based on the case’s complexity and the court’s workload.

How to File a Contested Divorce Petition?

The process of filing a contested divorce petition in India involves the following steps:

  1. Determine jurisdiction: Choose the appropriate court based on the location of either spouse or the location of the marital home.
  2. Prepare a divorce petition: Draft a petition stating the grounds for divorce and the relief sought, such as property division, alimony, child custody, etc.
  3. File the petition: File the petition in the designated court and pay the necessary fees.
  4. Serve the summons: The court will issue a summons to the respondent, who must be served with a copy of the petition.
  5. Respond to the petition: The respondent must file a written statement in response to the petition, stating their position and any evidence to support it.
  6. Attend court hearings: Both parties must attend court hearings and present their case to the judge.
  7. Final ruling: The judge will make a final ruling on the matter after considering all the evidence and arguments presented by both parties.

**Note: It is advisable to seek legal assistance from an experienced divorce lawyer to ensure the petition is properly drafted and the process is properly followed.


Contested Divorce Cost in Delhi?

The cost of a disputed divorce in Delhi can vary greatly based on a number of factors, including the case’s complexity, the fees of the attorneys involved, and the amount of time necessary to conclude the case. A contentious divorce in Delhi might cost anything from a few thousand rupees to many lakhs of rupees or more.

A disputed divorce can also be expensive depending on the type of relief sought, such as property division, child custody, or alimony. Court costs, travel expenses, and the cost of recruiting expert witnesses may all be included in the cost of a disputed divorce.

It is crucial to know that the expense of a disputed divorce may quickly skyrocket.

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