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Best Divorce Lawyers in Greater Noida

Best Divorce Lawyers  in Noida / Lawyers Near You

Divorce cases are very sensitive as it involves marital disputes and no one likes their personal matters to be open in public. Therefore the first ingredient that one looks for is someone who can be trusted and sincere. We at provide you the best matrimonial services related to divorce, guardianship , Domestic violence, maintenance etc..We will provide you with the Best Divorce Lawyers in Greater Noida.

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Best Divorce Lawyers in Greater Noida/ Noida provides one on one consultation with 100 percent confidentiality , we make sure that lawyer client relationship is maintained at all times during the case proceedings and also after. You can trust us on this. The family court is located at Surajpur, Greater Noida.

Divorce lawyer Near Me

Our services are provided  in the entire district of Gautam Buddha Nagar which includes both Noida and Greater  Noida. Our competent lawyers will give you updates on every step .

Frequently asked questions are given as under

What steps are required to file a divorce Petition?

The facts of the case is important and most importantly whether you should initiate the divorce case or not is even more. Therefore our expertise in this regards will save your money and time both.

When does one file for maintenance ?

Provisions for maintenance are provided under  various Acts , for Hindus for example one can file under section 24 Hindu Marriage Act ,1955 and also under 125 CrPC. Even Muslims and Christians may avail the provisions of Criminal Procedure code on this.

Is interim maintenance allowed initially?

After you file for maintenance alongwith interim maintenance , it does not matter whether you are granted interim maintenance on the first or second date, but the maintenance when granted will be given from the date of application so it really does not matter.

What about custody rights?

Custody rights are at times complicated  however in most cases if the child is too small it usually goes to the mother , however the father can always oppose with various grounds if hey may have and chooses to

What is ex parte divorce?

For example if husband files for divorce and  the wife  after knowing that the husband has filed and also after receving notice does not contest the case,  in that case the husband will be granted ex-parte divorce.

What about Mutual Consent Divorce in Greater Noida  provides zero filing fees since Mutual Consent Divorce is the fastest and the best route in case both parties have decided to dissolve  their marriage.

Whats the fees for filing divorce cases? provides extremely reasonable fee structure in case you wish to hire us. Kindly call us at 9873628941 for any queries related to any Matrimonial Issues that you may have.


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